Thank God For Kid Rock (Why you should see his concert this summer)

by Sarah Jestings on July 3rd, 2015

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Want to have a great time? Want to see a great concert this summer? What to do both of those things and not break the bank? Well look no further than Kid Rock’s current tour. His First Kiss: Cheap Date tour this summer has continued to receive amazing reviews. And every single review was spot on.

First things first. The tickets are 20 dollars. Nope there isn’t a zero missing in that number they actually cost 20 bucks. How in the hell can you beat that? You can’t! you just can’t. For that cost we saw 3 great acts. Also if beer is something you enjoy (I don’t) you can get it for 4 dollars. But no the great prices didn’t stop there the Merchandise was also extremely affordable for 45 dollars I got a shirt, my daughter got 2 hats, and I was given a free poster with my purchase.

First Kiss

Kid Rock’s new album: First Kiss

The concert we attended was at First Niagara Pavilion in Burgettstown PA very close to Pittsburgh and about an hour and a half from our home.  When we got there the parking was a bit chaotic but manageable. The parking was also free which is always a bonus. Tailgating is allowed at this particular venue and many people were doing just that. Overall the atmosphere was friendly. I did notice a very large police presence in comparison to other concerts I have attended. The walk from the car to the pavilion was surprisingly short considering we were in the free parking area.

On to the seats. Our seats were amazing we were no more than 150 ft from the stage thats pretty damn good for what we paid. We had a great view from our seats.

The acts. The opening act Packway Handle Band was quite honestly unexpected. They are a bluegrass band with a lot of humor thrown in. We thoroughly enjoyed them. They also walked among the crown and performed which was quite entertaining.

Packway Handle Band performing before the concert.

Packway Handle Band performing before the concert.

Next up was Foreigner. Foreigner has such iconic music that I had very high expectations for their performance. I was not let down in the least. The band headed up by guitarist and founder Mick Jones was tight. If you go expecting to hear their classics played in top form you will not be disappointed. Singer Kelly Hansen sang the songs with energy and passion. He seemed to love interacting with the crowd.






Now  for the main attraction. Kid Rock. One thing I can say is he started the show in a grandiose fashion and maintained a high energy show for the rest of the night.

Beginning of Kid Rock's set.

Beginning of Kid Rock’s set.

Another thing I can say is that he is one talented S.O.B. He never stopped, the hits never stopped, and it was one hell of a party. He so seamlessly went from country to rock to rap. I will be honest and admit that I had no idea that Kid Rock played so many instruments. I was blown away by his talent Hell he even did some dancing for the crowd. He also loves his country and is not afraid to show it. He moved the crowd so much that at one point the entire audience was chanting USA USA. It was pretty fucking great. His band I guarantee you is one of the best in the business. The talent he has brought together is stunning to see.

Kid Rock

Kid Rock

I now have every intention of seeing him anytime he has a tour stop near me. In fact He has another concert coming up at Blossom Music Center and I was ready to buy my tickets. Unfortunately but not at all surprising the pavilion seats were sold out. Bottom line go see Kid Rock if you have the chance. You will have an amazing time.



Should I take my kid to a concert? Tips included.

by Sarah Jestings on June 5th, 2015

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My daughter at the Maroon 5 concert when she was 13 years old


Should I take my kid to a concert with me? Have you ever struggled with this question? I know the pros and cons are many on both sides.  I would like to make the case to you that you should take them.

Let me first say that I do not mean every concert. There should be limits to what we expose our children to even in the most open of households. For instance, I did not take either one of my children to the Motley Crue concert last year. Even though both my husband and I are fans and the kids hear their music on a regular basis. I knew that certain elements of the concert would be  what I consider too risque for my then 10 year old and 14 year old. Even feeling this way I was not entirely surprised to see some parents had brought their children. I was on the other hand a little shocked to see a few parents with toddlers. Everyone has different standards.

But for some concerts I say bring your kids. Let them dance and sing along. Let them discover the nuances of hearing  well known and loved songs played live. There is nothing quite like seeing a favorite artist rock out on stage, or tell an interesting story about a song.

When My daughter was 7 years old I took her to see Trans Siberian Orchestra during the Christmas season. She was completely fascinated with them. She was hooked on live music from that moment on. We continue to go to TSO every year. Now also accompanied by my son. In fact we have only missed one year due to a blizzard that prevented us from traveling to Cleveland where the concert venue was.

My daughter has now seen some great concerts and enjoyed each and every one of them. To date she has seen Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Journey, Steve Miller Band, and Tower of Power. This Summer she will be seeing Kid Rock, Foreigner, and Nickelback.

There are several concerts that she has asked to go to that I have decided that she is too young to attend. Motley Crue was one example of that. She really wanted to go but I knew that there were likely to be situations at that concert that I did not feel she was ready to handle. I was correct. There was quite a few instances on nudity and fist fights at that concert.  Other acts that she has begged me to see are Rob Zombie and Slipknot. Both are concerts I would personally love to attend. My saying no to these concerts had less to do with the music and more to do with what might occur in the audience. I figure in another year or two I will be more than happy to take her. That is if she still wants to go to concerts with her dear old mom then.

Every child is different and quite frankly my son has little interest in going to concerts even though he loves music. In fact he has expressly told me that the only concert he has in interest in seeing is KISS. Unfortunately I have yet to be able to get tickets to a KISS concert. But you can bet that if I ever get tickets I will be taking him.

I do have some advice for parents considering taking their kids to a concert

  1. Make sure that it is music that your kids will enjoy. There is no point in bringing them if they are going to be bored.
  2. Whatever the concert it does need to be somewhat age appropriate. I am not a fan of seeing a 3 year old at a very loud hard rock or metal concert.
  3. Make a day of it. We always leave early and have lunch at a fun restaurant. We park as soon as the parking lots open and tailgate. Sometimes we hang out by the gates and listen to sound check.
  4. If you can try to get aisle seats. If the kids have to go to the bathroom or need a snack or water this will make it easier to get in and out of your seats. If at all possible avoid lawn seating with kids. The lawn tends to be a little more “wild”.
  5. Bring ear plugs. Kids ears are very sensitive and this will bring the level down for their little ears.
  6. NEVER let them go anywhere by themselves. If my kid goes to the bathroom then I go to the bathroom.
  7. Hold hands so you do not get separated. Even at 15 my daughter is still happy to hold my hand in a crowd.
  8. If your gonna drink leave the kids at home. I never have even one drink when with my kids.

Hearing and seeing music played live will certainly expand your child’s musical horizons and give them a greater appreciation for music. So next time you are thinking about going to a concert consider if your kids might enjoy it too.

Nickelback here we come!

by Sarah Jestings on June 2nd, 2015

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According to my daughter on December 25th I officially became the best mom in the world. I was the coolest mom in the world.  I was the mom of all moms! Hey who am I to argue with the smartest girl in the world. (Note: she does change her mind about this on a daily basis but I’ll take what I can get)

This year I gave my daughter tickets to the Nickelback concert for Christmas. Her face was absolutely priceless. I have taken her to quite a few concerts but this is the one that she has been most excited about. She loves every single song that she has ever heard from Nickelback.

Also joining us will be my Best friend, who let me tell you is always the perfect concert companion. She is the perfect combination of fun and practical.

We will be seeing them at the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio in August.

I personally cannot wait either as I love them too. Hell they have sold 50 million records for a reason. with major hits like How you remind me, Edge Of A Revolution, Someday, Photograph, and Rock Star it is sure to be a fun night for all of us.

Nickelback is composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Chad Kroeger, guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist Ryan Peake, bassist Mike Kroeger, and drummer Daniel Adair.

Their albums to date include Curb, The State, Silver Side Up, The Long Road, All The Right Reasons, Dark Horse, Here And Now, and their newest album No Fixed Address.

Discovering AWOLNATION

by Sarah Jestings on June 1st, 2015

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My daughter played AWOLNATION’s  Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) for me a while back and I was instantly enamored with this great band. Their music is Electronic Rock and what some would consider unconventional. It is unconventional but it is also amazing. I was admittedly late to the party considering their first album was released in 2011. They had a huge hit on that album with “Sail” I remember the song but I did not take the time to listen to their album. I am now kicking myself for that. I spent a good bit of yesterday listening to both of their albums and they are both terrific.  If you are looking for something new check both of their albums  Megalithic Symphony and run.


A gift called The Beatles

by Sarah Jestings on May 31st, 2015

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Every year on my dad’s birthday I post a Beatles song on Facebook. Some people may think that I am silly. Some think it is just plain stupid. After all he isn’t here on earth anymore. I don’t care what anyone thinks about it. I do it because I want to honor him. I do it because I love him. I do it because I miss him. I have missed him everyday for 8 years.

My dad shared so many things with me. We went camping together, to the beach, canoeing, and the arcade. All on a regular basis. But on the way to all those things there was always music. There was always The Beatles. He just loved them. Some people like early Beatles some like the White Album, or Sgt. Peppers. My dad loved it all. But like most people he did have a favorite. Help! was always his go to album. When I was 13 years old I gave him a copy of Help on cassette tape for Christmas. He was so damn excited to be able to play it in his car. I was so proud that I had gotten him something he really loved.

These days I have it easy. I just plug my ipod into my car stereo and I can listen to anything that I desire.

A couple of weeks ago I was doing just that. The kids and I were in the car and my ipod was on shuffle. On came Yesterday. I was happily singing along when I realized that I wasn’t the only one singing along. There in the backseat was my 11 year old son  (who it just  so happens looks strikingly similar to my dad) singing along too. Next thing I knew both of my kids were requesting more beatles songs. We were having such a good time that I took an extra long way home so I could prolong the fun. It was wonderful.

Since that day I keep catching myself thinking about it and smiling. Thanks dad for giving me The Beatles. The best part of the gift was sharing it.

Bring on the summer concerts!

by Sarah Jestings on May 15th, 2015

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See you later Winter. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out……

Yeah that is how I feel about the cold miserable winter we have had. I want outdoor fun that doen’t require 3 layers of clothing. I want good music played loud. I cannot wait to have some fun this summer. Luckily that time is nearing. I am finally getting excited about two fun concerts I plan to go to with my daughter and my best friend.

The first concert that we we will grace with our presence is the Kid Rock / Foreigner concert next month. The concert venue is First Niagara Pavilion in PA. I hope it stands up to other outdoor venues that I have attended concerts at.

As far as the bands well  I have loved Foreigner since I was a child thanks to my parent’s great taste in music. Foreigner has quite the catalog of classic rock hits and it is going to be great to hear them played live.

Kid Rock has great songs. I consider some of his songs to be modern classics in their own right. Not to mention that he is known for his high energy performances. Another thing that he is known for is providing affordable tickets to his concerts. I paid 20 dollars for each ticket and the tickets are for the pavilion not the lawn. How friggin awesome is that! Not to mention the cheap beer (I don’t like beer but a lot of people do) and affordable merchandise. I give him huge props for this.

Bottom line is that I fully expect this concert to kick ass.

The second Concert is later in the summer and the one that my daughter is most excited to see. More on that in  a later post. For now I leave you with thoughts of the warm summer days to come. I hope all of you have fun times ahead for you this summer.

My first win since starting again!

by Sarah Jestings on May 9th, 2015

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Ahh the thrill of opening my email and finding a notification that I have won! it has been so long I am so excited! I am so happy to be getting back into my routine and essentially back to my life. I won 4  Contigo Gizmo Sip water bottles. Contigo is such a great brand that I just know I will love them.  I want to say a thank you to Contigo for providing the prize and to Amy at for the great review and giveaway.

It feels really good to be excited about my hobby again.


It’s been a while

by Sarah Jestings on April 29th, 2015

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Yes I have been gone a while. I didn’t want to stop writing in fact I have missed writing. I have missed sharing my thoughts and ideas. But I had to stop. This is hard for me to share but I am going to anyways. In December I suffered a miscarriage. I lost a child that I very much wanted. A child that I had been praying for for 5 years. In one awful moment my world turned upside down.  I did not share this at the time because I needed time to process the loss as well as grieve. At this point I am finally in a place where I have accepted it and am trying to move on.

In the spirit of moving on I am back and I look forward to spending more time here. I also look forward to getting back into some of my favorite hobbies like entering contests and gardening. Not to mention music. I have a lot of fun stuff planned in the next couple of months including a couple of great concerts, a new guitar (it’s purple!), and maybe even a contest of my own.

When customer service goes right.

by Sarah Jestings on December 16th, 2014

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I notice that a lot of people like to shout it from the rooftops when customer service goes wrong. I do not blame them and quite frankly I appreciate it. It lets me know what companies I should try to avoid. But how often do you hear a story of stellar customer service. Well here is one to brighten your day.

Recently I purchased a $46.00 Christmas gift for my daughter from I will not mention what the gift was because she reads here. But I digress. Said gift was to be delivered by the post office. Well Despite there being a note on my front door telling the carrier not to leave packages at the door it was still delivered and then I assume promptly stolen. When I called Target I was pleasantly surprised at the courteous way in which this was handled. They were quick to offer a replacement and they also offered to express ship it so that I would receive it by Christmas. The only thing that they asked me to do was wait 3 days just in case there was a mistake and the package was found at the post office. I of course agreed and when I called today 4 days later (I decided to give it one more day) they were quick to follow through and send me a replacement item. On top of all of that they also offered me a $5 Target gift card for my inconvenience. I felt a little bad even taking the gift card because honestly they took a situation that could have been an inconvenience and made it quite convenient.

Highlights of this experice were:

  1. Both Customer Service Agents were polite and understanding
  2. A solution was offered quickly.
  3. A gift was offered for the inconvenience.

So I just want to congratulate Target for being a customer oriented company that I trust even more now with my hard earned money.

Get out of your radio comfort zone!

by Sarah Jestings on December 8th, 2014

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If you want to hear the same 200 songs over and over again then turn on your radio. Want to hear the same 2000 songs over and over again the turn on your iPod. That is the rut I have been stuck in recently. I truly miss the days of passing mix tapes between friends. I know that YouTube is a breeding ground of new music but I just haven’t made the effort in a while. But that is all going to change. I love the music on the radio but I don’t need programmers and corporations to tell me what they think I should be listening to. I am also done downloading just the songs that I like. I am going back to buying full albums. Some of my favorite songs have never seen the light of day on radio and I discovered them because I took the time to listen to entire albums instead of just the songs that made the cut to become singles. Already by just sending out a tweet asking people for new music suggestions I have discovered some great tunes. I challenge everyone who loves music to broaden their horizons and look for something new and interesting to listen to. You may just find your new favorite band. As for me not only am I going to do all of the afore mentioned things but I plan on spotlighting new music on my blog. I can’t wait to share some of the gems I find with you.